Teach Thursday: A Short Guide to Formulating Cosmetics Products For Men

Men and women’s skincare needs are not the same. Just as men and women have different physiologies and biological differences, their skin’s needs are different.

Before you formulate products for men, you should be taking note of some key product aesthetics and skincare needs that make men’s cosmetics different from women’s.

Here’s what you should be considering before formulating men’s cosmetics products:

1. Men’s skincare products are simpler in terms of packaging, regimen and ingredients because men are less likely to have many steps in their skincare routines. The less complicated the application process, the better.

2. Male skin tends to be more oily and have a higher density of hair follicles, so their products need active ingredients that are higher in concentration and effectiveness. 

3. Men also typically have a higher density of sweat glands and oilier skin on the back and chest. To combat acne and ingrown hairs, formulations with salicylic acid are ideal. 

4. Gel-based formulas are better for men as opposed to cream-based. Gel-based cosmetics are light and better to distribute active ingredients.

5. Men’s facial hair makes their beard area the most sensitive part of their face, susceptible to irritation from shaving and ingrown hairs.

All these considerations will make you a better formulator and ensure your products are effective.

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